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Our dedicated and highly trained team is committed to delivering the highest quality care across a range of specialties, while making your stay as comfortable and welcoming as possible.  Our private practice's mission is to deliver the patient care you deserve and get you in top condition as quickly as possible. 
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  1. Stanley Scheidler, D.O.
    Dr. Stan is a patient-focused primary care physician dedicated to serving his community's families. He believes that everyone needs to be treated as a person, not as a number or a group. He understands that a patient is a person who is a unique individual and who should be addressed in that manner.
  2. Joseph Scheidler, D.O.
    Visiting orthopedic surgeon.
  3. Shannon Douglas, FNP-C
    Our Nurse Practitioner Shannon Douglas has eighteen years of clinical experience under her belt. She is dedicated to delivering comprehensive and thorough medical care. We are pleased to have her on our medical team!
  4. Bethany Hinson, Manager